Problems Associated with an Incorrect Sitting Position

The majority of the population assume incorrect sitting positions and unfortunately it’s a natural occurrence for the body to slump and change its position regularly. Poor sitting postures and unsuitable seating can develop and/or exacerbate both physical and medical conditions with far reaching consequences on the quality of life and overall well being.

Blocking of Veins and Nerves

An excessively high sitting position with legs swinging can lead to veins and nerves becoming blocked, causing varicose veins, sleeping legs and numbness.

Difficulty in Getting Up

It is often difficult to get up as a result of reduced muscular strength and impaired functioning of the joints. This may also be hindered by the chair you are sitting in having:

  • A seat that is too low and/or too soft.
  • An inappropriate seat depth.
  • A large backrest angle.
  • Armrests that are too short or absent altogether.

Irritated Tissue and Back Pain

Incorrect seat height can cause pressure on the bottom. An excessive slant on the back or too deep or too low and seat can lead to irritated tissue, back pain and cause difficulty getting up.

Intestine Trouble

An excessively low seat with an acute angle between the torso and upper legs can give rise to intestinal problems.

Back Pain and Poor Posture

Inappropriate cushioning can result in sinking and slumping back into a convex shape contributing to back pain and other related joint and muscle ailments.